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One In Three Coaching 

 Sandra Crooks
Certified Trauma Informed Transformational Coach

As a survivor of childhood sexual abuse and further adult traumas, I am my first client.  My purpose and commitments are to serve and assist others in their transformation in a safe and supportive environment.  Healing is possible through the movement of the mind, body & soul connection. 

Areas of Expertise

Certified Personal Trainer / Health Coach / Master Life Coach Consultation

Done therapy? Now what?

I work with psychological and narcissistic abuse survivors, as well as individuals that have experienced childhood a
nd adult trauma(s).  I help clients discover and recover from the life they have lived, to an empowered, peaceful tomorrow.

In the context of trauma, it is the norm to experience anxiety, depression, and abandonment from self, friends, and family. You no longer need to suffer and endure feelings of shame, blame, guilt, unworthiness, and self-disgust. I can help you to overcome fault-finding in yourself and others, and cope with emotions such as fear and anger. Inauthentic expression of self and codependency through making others happy can lead you away from your true self. These are all coping mechanisms due to your traumas.


You can emerge from merely surviving, to thriving, into the best version of yourself.  I would be honoured to show you how.



Arianna K. - AB, Canada

"I didn’t know what Trauma was before I met Sandra. My eyes were
opened, one might even say the veil of my past life was lifted and I
was shown a different way to live. A way where I see the unresolved
challenges I faced growing up, so I can navigate them effectively as
an adult and mother.
Sandra quickly became a huge part of my life as I was going through this transformation, and I feel so lucky that fate knew we needed each other at this time. I have grown so much as an individual and learned that although I may have had trauma shape me, I can change my way of living so it doesn’t control me anymore."

Tracey C. - London, England

"When I met with Sandra and we started talking, I felt accepted,
comfortable, and understood. Sandra listened so well and was able to pin-point moments in my life that seemed insignificant to me, but were the underlying cause for the way I represent myself to this day."

Rhonda G. - NJ, United States

"Sandra provided me with tools and resources to understand the incidents, to accept them, and guided me on how to move forward in a positive manner while implementing techniques for grounding and self-regulation. Instead of feeling lost, confused, and unsure about who I am or what I have to offer, I am more confident in myself and I am working hard to set the necessary boundaries to avoid psychological trauma in the future. I would and will continue to recommend Sandra to anyone and everyone as I think many people have unresolved trauma that they need to work through, and she is an amazing coach to  help you navigate that world."

Sarah C. AB, Canada

"Sandra has been highly instrumental in helping me to overcome my financial and emotional traumas in the last three years. She helped me to realize that I was a victim of long-term narcissistic abuse. Through Sandra's coaching, I have now been able to overcome my traumas and achieved success within my friendships, workplace, and marriage. I would not have been able to get out of a cycle of abuse if it were not for Sandra's wisdom and ability to tailor a custom coaching program for me. Sandra also mentored me through my fitness journey, where I was able to distinguish my emotional eating and sedentary lifestyle. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Sandra!"

Lottie F. - AB, Canada

"I met Sandra at a time of unknown need. I had been going to therapy for 2 years and felt I couldn’t get more out of it. Sandra gave me her undivided attention when I needed it the most.
She showed compassion, honesty, and dedication which made me feel seen and heard. Sandra
helped me to connect deeper with myself and showed me many directions and resources to
help with my anxiety. With the time and energy we spent together, I learned the importance of
putting myself first. Sandra’s presence introduced me to a whole new perspective on life and
this is only the beginning!!!

Contact Me

Work with me to discover or recover your life and give yourself the gift of grace it needs to start the healing journey. You are not alone. Let's connect soon.

Virtual meetings for discovery call and 1:1 session for non-locals.

Thanks for reaching out! You will hear from me shortly.

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