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Building trust and being aware of the nuances working with clients who have experienced trauma. Understanding the presence of past traumas and how it shows up in current situations that impacts the client's life. 

Establishing a baseline in assisting client to  "unpack" in a safe nonjudgmental space where they won't be further traumatized. The client can work in tandem with therapy if they so choose.   


Or the client may have completed therapy and is needing future support.  After therapy, the may need ask now what, and what do I do next?

Clients may seek coaching post therapy for further support for present and future resolutions. 

Trauma coaching is focused on anchoring their work in the present and guiding or collaborating with clients in utilizing coaching strategies to help build resilience in a solution forward approach. Assist client in building coping strategies for behaviors, beliefs and or habit change.

Partnering with clients in a collaborative effort and serves to support, guide or mentor to minimize isolation the client may experience.  


The overall goal is to continually support clients in the life they want to create for themselves and,  in mastering the situations for them to adopt skill sets and practice tools for peace and calm for an enriched life.

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