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Areas of Expertise

Certified Personal Trainer
ACE - American Council of Execrise 

In-person, online, or group sessions - centered approach to personal training. Principles of behavior change, effective communication, and goal setting.

Health Coach
CCE from the ICF International Coach Federations

Nutrition and the artful science of habit change for lasting results.  Protocols within the scope of health coaching practice such as weight loss, digestion, and emotional eating.

Trauma Informed - Master Life Coach
CCE from the ICF International Coach Federations

Your relationship with all aspects of self in the 3 domains:

  1. Physical well-being

  2. Emotional well-being

  3. Cognitive well-being


"The way you do one thing is the way you do everything" ~Anonymous


Brain and body connections through regulation in behavioral reactions due to different types of traumas and the and subsequent symptoms. A bottom-up approach in somatic and polyvagal intervention skills and tools.

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